Congratulations to AUS-ACA National Finalists Centenary Vocal Ensemble (QLD)! This exciting mixed ensemble hails from Centenary State High School under the direction of Alex Van den Broek, herself a Centenary alumna currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music at Queensland University of Technology. Centenary Vocal Ensemble began as a classroom activity that quickly blossomed into a formal ensemble, tackling both accompanied and a cappella repertoire across pop, rock, jazz, musical theatre, and contemporary choral genres. Their Wild Card-winning performance included Imogen Heap’s arresting “Hide and Seek” and a soulful “Rumor Has It” by Adele.

“Hide and Seek” featured a moving rendering of the Imogen Heap original in icy homophony, a testament to the group’s ability to match timbres and blend appropriately. “Rumour Has It” showcased the ensemble’s rhythmic side through a spirited duet supported by impassioned backing harmonies.

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