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There are plenty of ways you can become involved in Vocal Australia’s community. By growing and nurturing our community, we can expand the appeal of Aussie a cappella, benefiting performers and audience members alike. By learning from each other’s successes and failures, we can all improve the standard of Australian a cappella music.

Vocal Australia is constantly expanding our databases and resources to provide assistance to the a cappella community. If we have missed anything out, or you feel you could contribute to any parts of the community resources, please get in touch.

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Give the gift of a cappella this Christmas With just over a month until santa arrives, we're bringing back our Christmas special - GET VOCAL CD Bundle. This is the perfect gift for all your family and friends and a great way to support Aussie A Cappella. Both our...

Arranging 1.01

Approach Arranging music can often be a daunting task. Breaking things down into smaller tasks is imperative if you are to get things finished. Remember, the arranger with one finished song is far more valuable than the dreamer who has started fifteen! A few simple...