The real life Pitch Perfect, a cappella documentary ‘Sing It On’ premieres tonight from 9:30pm on Channel V, Foxtel.

Earlier this week, we spent a day at Foxtel Studios with The Nor’easters (USA aca-stars from Sing It On) creating some fun promo material for the show. With the help of Vocal Australia singers plus some of AUSACA singers from Macquarie University’s a cappella group, Mac-appella, we headed down to Macquarie Centre to do an a cappella flashmob!

Watch the flashmob HERE

We also joined with The Idea of North and The Nor’easters in the afternoon to film some fun interviews and aca-games! We can’t wait until they’re up online!

Thank you to Channel V for the massive shout out to Vocal Australia on their website!

Big thanks to all the producers at Channel V, Foxtel and Made In Katana for inviting us to be part of the aca-awesome promo day! We had a blast and can’t wait to watch Sing It On every Thursday night!

We’ve got our fingers crossed they make an Aussie version of Sing It On or The Sing Off in the near future too!


Sing it on V Vocal Australia Macappella post rehearsal

Sing it on V Vocal Australia Macappella post flashmob