Wednesday 24 August, 2011, 13:15


In the Pink are now seasoned veterans at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with 2011 marking their 7th year of bringing their all female a cappella group from Oxford University to Edinburgh.  Their EdFringe show is jam-packed full of energetic choreography and heart felt renditions of pop songs.



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With such a talented selection of strong and confident singers, In the Pink has the flexibility to allow each of their singers to shine as soloists. In the Pink’s 50 minute show mostly featured repertoire from their newest album, Pinkredible, with their expressive interpretations and balanced harmonies supporting both Sarah’s beautiful solo for Your Song and Beth’s sweet and passionate version of Rosé.  Impressive throughout the show was Francis’ energetic and expressive beatboxing that helped to lift the group’s high paced mash-up version of Just Dance and Don’t Stop Believing.

In The Pink’s show was full of well-rehearsed choreography that at times verged on excessive and subsequently didn’t always enhance the lyrics.  As their performance was un-amplified there were also moments where their ‘head-turning’ chorography unfortunately left us straining to hear the missing notes that were being directed to the sides and floor.

Closing the show with their rap filled own arrangement of Oh What a Night, In The Pink once again demonstrated their versatility, enthusiasm and cheeky nature and left us wanting more.

Overall Impression:

Reviewer: Amelia Alder