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GET VOCAL 2012: Best Of Contemporary Australian A Cappella

Product: VOCALAUS001
Type: Compact Disc
Producer: Vocal Australia
Name: GET VOCAL 2012
Subtitle: The Best Of Contemporary Australian A Cappella


This is the inaugural release of Vocal Australia’s yearly compilation project. With the aim of setting up a scholarship fund for young groups to produce contemporary a cappella at a world standard, the first year of the project has brought together 10 powerhouses of Australian vocal music for this wonderful CD.

1. All Night Long (SUADE)
2. (Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You’ve Been Gone (THE IDEA OF NORTH)
3. Lovefool (GINGER & TONIC)
4. Shadow (ALUKA)
5. On My Skin (COCO’S LUNCH)
6. Song For Two (THE NYMPHS)
7. I Want You Back (BLUE NOTION)
8. Kingdom Of Shy (VOCALEEZ)
9. Paparazzi (HARAMBEE)
10. Sir Duke (SOULFOOD)

Check out what A Cappella Records has to say about it:

“Though the Western world has become well-aware of the European reaches of a cappella as an art form, some may not realize that a cappella goes even further east – all the way around the globe.

“Enter Vocal Australia, a two-year-old movement created in Melbourne, to enlighten those folks. It’s spearheaded by Amelia Alder and Chris Blain, two experienced performers who wanted the rest of their country (and the rest of the world) to know about the high quality of Australian a cappella music. Together with a network of other passionate enthusiasts, Vocal Australia has endeavored to share the joy of a cappella and vocal music through festivals, showcases, school immersion programs and workshops.

“Their efforts now also include a recorded a cappella compilation, and the premiere installment, “GET VOCAL 2012: The Best Of Contemporary Australian A Cappella,” is available to fans near and far for digital download!

“The album is filled with tracks any Top 40 fan knows and loves, including “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga, “Lovefool” by The Cardigans and “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie. In addition to the pop standards, however, are covers and originals alike from native acts such as The Idea of North, Coco’s Lunch and The Nymphs. The vocals, arrangements and production are of the same high quality a cappella fans from any land would hope to hear. It’s a true testament to Aussie prowess in the a cappella world, and a tribute to the art form as a whole.

“Alder and Blain have been a part of the a cappella world for over 15  years, and they hope to inspire both their fellow Australians, as well as others beyond their borders, to share in the joy of vocal music.

“So help them realize their goal and get down – under – with this wonderful album today!”

Postage and handling for the album is AU$4.50 in Australia and AU$6.50 for international orders.


Price: $20.00