About Us

Who are we and what do we want?

The Vocal Australia team are just like you – vocal music nuts who want more! Our director is a professional musician with a wealth of experience performing, recording and touring a cappella both here and abroad.

Over the years we have taken note of some of the impressive vocal music scenes overseas in the US, Europe and Asia and believe that it’s only when we join forces that groups in Australia will get the recognition, exposure and opportunities they deserve.

Vocal Australia’s Director and Co-Founder Amelia Alder

Amelia Alder


Vocal Australia’s Mission Statement

To develop, grow, support and nurture the a cappella singing scene in Australia in the most efficient and effective way possible, through the production and provision of education, events and resources.

Vision Statement

Vocal Australia sees an improved and developed Australian culture and community, which embraces expression and creativity through group harmony singing.


Vocal Australia’s Key Aims:

  • To develop and promote the vocal music scene in Australia;
  • To connect groups and singers, fostering collaboration and competition;
  • To support new and established a cappella groups with musical, planning, business, touring and performing assistance;
  • To grow the Australian a cappella scene through education programmes in schools, universities and communities; and
  • To promote the best of Australia vocal music internationally.

Please GET IN TOUCH if you’d like to be involved with future Vocal Australia projects.